Friday, February 10, 2017

On the Road Again!

Yes, Don got to sing his version of our favorite Willie Nelson song yesterday!

We’re so happy that his health has improved to the point that we’re able to get back to our favorite lifestyle – RV travel. Here’s a sight we haven’t seen for awhile, Picacho Peak. Click the link to learn about the Civil War battle fought here and re-enacted every year in March. Don climbed this peak before we met, so it’s a familiar place that brings back good memories for him, and we together visited the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch at the base of the mountain several years ago, giving us shared memories.


Yesterday our departure from our lot in Cochise Terrace Resort was delayed by about 1.5 hours because of a problem we didn’t see coming. We were both worried that we might have problems with the jacks or the slides or the satellite dish, all of which needed to be stowed for travel. Even things inside the coach can shift and cause rattles or breakage, and it’s hard to remember what all needs to be put away when we’ve been stationary for so long. The motorhome was parked in the same position since Feb 29, 2016 – a year minus 20 days. Everything worked fine and we were ready to roll about 9 a.m.

Don went outside to move the Honda CR-V “Carrie” and the battery was dead. And guess where it was parked – right in front of the motorhome. Our battery-powered emergency start device was also dead. And we couldn’t find our jumper cables. Neighbors on both sides of us were gone. Finally Don found a neighbor several sites away who was home and had jumper cables to loan us. We started the car, jumped from the new batteries we just bought for the golf cart, and we were at last ready to depart. Thankfully, there were no other problems and we on our way!

After stopping for service at Speedco along the way, we arrived at Sundance RV Resort around 3 pm. Jan & Bill Mains had invited us for dinner at their beautiful home and we agreed to pick up another couple, Jan & Paul Kelpe. I remembered them from the Montana Owners Club (MOC) that I was active with when I owned a Montana 5th wheel. They have been here for a few weeks in their beautiful Montana Big Sky 5th wheel.

The dinner was delicious (Jan can no longer claim she can’t cook), and conversation and hugs abounded. Before we knew it we needed to call it a night so we could go home and feed and walk Gigi. I didn’t get any pictures but Jan sent the ones she took. However, our wifi signal is so weak I couldn’t down load them. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Boy, that news sure put a smile on my face this morning! Good for you guys!

  2. The photos were pretty awful anyway. It's so good to see how healthy Don looks. When we visited in November we didn't think there would be a chance you'd be back on the road. Through all of this you both have had a positive attitude and guess it pays off. I kind of like seeing Don skinny.

  3. I am so excited to get to see you soon. I have a big smile on my face knowing you are On The Road Again!

  4. Fantastic news, Hope to see ya down the road!!!!!!

  5. You give me hope to weather my husbands illness. Over a month now,drop in the bucket compared to what you 2 have been thru.

  6. I am so excited to get to see you soon. I have a big smile on my face knowing you are On The Road Again!


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