Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Quartzsite Pictures

We finally made it to the big tent on Tuesday to do a little shopping. The crowds were pretty thin until after lunch.


Working hard, staying up late to finish business and freezing in a cold spot in the big tent, Chris still has a big smile and hugs for all!


Michelin Man is almost too big to fit in my camera frame.


Don was happier than a pig in s**t, eating his favorite Quartzsite turkey leg and sharing laughs with his good buddy Frank!


Later we escaped the crowds and drove out to Plomosa Rd. to visit more friends. Carol keeps her car spotlessly clean, even out in the desert.


Rainbow had something to say about the sun shining on her tent.


Nice fire rings – one of them used to be ours but we found we didn’t use it much, so we sold it to make room for dialysis supplies.


It was great to see Jean and Claudette, who toured Alaska with us a few years ago.


Cody wanted to get up in his Mom Sandy’s lap.


He left a cute design on her jeans.


Rainbow just observed quietly from her safe perch.


We stopped to see some friends at the gathering of SKP chapters 6 & 21.


Bunny’s chair was being sacrificed for the bonfire. Is that an ancient ritual?


Bruce’s shirt made a statement.


Here’s everything we needed to know about the Polar Bear and Hobo Stew party planned for Wednesday.


Don had a dialysis session in Blythe on Wednesday, so I caught a ride with Mark & Dortha Hall.


The weather was perfect, and the long line moved quickly to get a bowl of hearty hobo stew.


It was good to see Susie again, but Denny was under the weather and didn’t come out.


The line for polar bears (an adult beverage) didn’t move as fast because people wanted to stand around sipping and chatting.


It was nice to see lots of friends, including one of my RV Driving School students, Ginger and her hubby Herb.


Don thought he might come out later, but he called on his way home from Blythe and said he needed to eat pretty soon. I didn’t know if there was any hobo stew left, but it contained a lot of things on his diet’s “avoid” list. So I rode back with Mark & Dortha. Don and I then went to Mountain Quail Cafe and ate at the counter so we could get in quickly. There were several large parties, including some people we know, that couldn’t get tables – similar to our previous experience. The restaurant has good food, but not enough wait staff for this busy time of year.


  1. "Q" can be a lot of fun! You said the weather was perfect but yet I saw all the jackets and campfire rings. What's with that? :)

  2. Great pics, looks like you are having a fun time in Q.

  3. Glad you found a new home for the fire pit. I'm so glad you were able to go to Quartzite, you're slowly getting back in the saddle and will be at a full gallop soon.

  4. So nice to see you and Don again and give you both a big hug. Sis


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