Saturday, August 22, 2015

Home Sweet Motor Home

Don has been home for about 10 days, and we’re both learning to adjust to a new environment, with only a few ‘bumps’ along the way. He’s getting around inside mostly without using either walker, and his balance is very good. He can always use a countertop, table, bed or door frame for support if he needs it. And he’s doing really well with the 4-wheeler as long as the surface is fairly smooth. Gravel is still hard to walk on.

One of our challenges is a new diet plan, and we’re sometimes finding it hard to figure out a diabetic-cardiac-renal (dialysis) menu plan. A good start is to include as much lean protein as possible, without too much fat or cholesterol, which means no bacon, only one egg per day, and very little beef. So far we’ve been able to eat pretty well, even using some of our favorite recipes with a little modification. And I’m becoming a better cook with lots more practice! But my coach is patient and helps me figure things out.

Last night our meal was ideal – lean protein, lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than skinless chicken breast, and full of vitamins and minerals that are good for your brain, bones and nerve cells. Have you guessed what it was yet? I’m sure you did when you saw the picture (wish I could have disguised it).


Yes, we had some live Maine lobsters shipped overnight to us by our wonderful and generous friend Karen Faulkner. Thank you again so much, Karen! It was a wonderful meal and we’re planning to make lobster bisque and lobster rolls in the next 2 days with the rest of the meat.

Our weekly routine has settled somewhat into: Tu-Th-Sa dialysis (4-hr sessions), W-F physical therapy (1-hr sessions), with a blood draw on Monday mornings. So that leaves Sunday completely free!

We are looking into the possibility of home dialysis so we can resume our travels. Dr. Kreible, phrenologist, told us about Nxstage (here’s a link to the facts page if you’d like more info), which looks like a great option for us.

Here’s a picture I took the day after Don came home. He’s happy to be back at his desk.


And here’s another dinner I made a few nights ago – chicken piccata with angel hair pasta – with lots of coaching from the chef!


So, that’s how our lives are going now. It’s great having Don home and we hope to start fitting in a few fun activities in our schedule soon.


  1. Enjoy your day off! So glad Don is doing well! ((Hugs)) Pray for him every night

    1. Hugs to both of you! Glad things are going well. J&C

  2. We are so happy for both of you! Hope to see you on the road again soon.

    -- jc&bev

  3. WOW!!!! Don is looking great. Live Strong!!!!

  4. Don is looking good! I hope you get the home dialysis sorted out soon.

  5. Continued success with Don's progress! Take care of yourself too.

  6. Looks like Don has come a long way in the past couple months and with his determination I am sure he will continue to recover. Look forward to seeing him at one of the Escapee Rallys in the future.

    BTW: We are East of the Mississippi River now there aren't any Escapee Parks, SKP, or even a campground that give an Escapee discount. Plus the Elks Lodges don't have camping and are usually in the middle of the town. We miss the Escapee & Elks Lodge RV parks and wish they had more in the East.

  7. So glad to see him home. I know you two will make the most of all the changes.


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