Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Still Waiting…

Don finally reached the heart surgeon’s office this morning and learned his surgery is scheduled for Friday May 29. Now we have to amuse ourselves for 10 more days.

We just paid for another week at the FamCamp, otherwise we’d move back to our lot in Benson to save a little $$. But there’s more to do here in Tucson, so we’ll just need to find the ambition to do things to help the time pass more quickly.

Waiting is so hard!


  1. Soon it will be over and you can look back at just another bump in the road. Don and you are in our thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery.

  2. Prayers and best wishes for a succesful surgery and the time to fly by until then. Hugs, J&C

  3. The time will pass quicker than you think and then you and Don can get on with your lives. If this had been last year we could have met up with you while you are at the FAMCAMP since we were waiting on a date to finish some major dental work for Gerry.

    Hang in there and we are sending our thoughts and prayers.


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