Sunday, May 31, 2015

Friends Are Super!

Don and I have been just trying to make the time pass until Tuesday when he's scheduled for heart surgery. Yesterday Dennis & Carol Hill arrived to spend some time with us and give us support. Before that, Lynn & Mickey Waite arrived for her scheduled cataract surgery (in their brand-new 2015 40-ft. Phaeton!), and will also be with us during this time.

So tonight was our chance to have a party! Don made his famous tri-tip dinner, and we had a great time visiting with these great friends. We enjoyed fresh veggies and dip that Lynn and Mickey brought, along with various beverages, while Don cooked the meat and showed Dennis how he does it. Then during dinner, the 'girls' sat at the dining table and discussed traveling in Alaska, cruising, driving and backing RVs, and various other important topics, while the 'boys' sat at the table you see below and I'm sure they solved many world problems.

Sorry my pictures aren't the best. I must have gotten out of practice because I haven't taken many pictures lately.

I'm also dealing with writing this blog directly in Blogger for the first time, now that Live Writer isn't being updated by Microsoft, and the link to Blogger (from Google) no longer works. Many bloggers have been adversely affected by this change, and we're all struggling with what seems like going backwards with technology. Live Writer provided so many more options for writing, adding pictures and customizing the view. Using Blogger directly feels like driving my 1959 VW bug that didn't have synchromesh or a gas gauge or air conditioning! I may give up blogging and just post on Facebook from now on, knowing that some of our family and friends wouldn't see our updates. What about it? Please comment if you fall into that category, because this way of blogging is really cumbersome.

Meanwhile, Tucson temperatures are in the triple digits, although we've been pretty comfortable inside the coach with 3 air conditioners running. But you can't run 3 a/c's while you bake potatoes in an 1800 watt Breville smart oven. So we were a little uncomfortable for awhile. And we are just learning how great this new oven is - for those who know Miss Terry (Russell), this is the same oven she has. We've been wanting one for awhile and finally decided to spend some of the money we haven't used for diesel to buy one.

Tomorrow is Don's last day before surgery, and he decided to go see the movie San Andreas in 3D. Our friends will join us, with a gourmet lunch at the food court in the mall beforehand. We might also eat dinner at a restaurant of Don's choosing. 

Tuesday morning will come very early - we have to be at St. Mary's Hospital at 5:30 am. We appreciate all the good thoughts and prayers coming from friends and family. I'll be posting on Facebook, with a brief blog post too, to let everyone know how he's doing as soon as I get a report.


  1. Trusting that Don will do exceedingly well with his surgery!
    Do hope you continue blogging as many of us do not do Facebook.... Hope I'm speaking for
    more than just me.
    Have followed you since your Alaska trip with Dennis and Carol. Enjoy both of your blogs so much!

  2. I bet Don will be happy (if possible) to have all this behind him. I know that the wait is unbearable for me when I'm in a situation like that. Looking forward to hearing a good report from Don.

    I like the blogging format and do use Facebook, but rarely ever post anything out there. Blogging is a great way to keep track of friends out on the road and meet up with them and get together.

  3. Wishing you both good thoughts for Tuesday. Are you able to park the motorhome in the hospital parking lot overnight on Monday for your early start and then have a nearby retreat during Don's recovery? Hope so and you know we will all be anxiously awaiting updates.

    As for the Blog vs. Facebook, I was all in for blogging across Alaska in 2011 and have had nearly 77,500 hits and 67 followers since then. Then I joined Facebook and have rarely posted to COOLRVERS ON THE ROAD, since last year. Family members have joined my FB Friends and the others know how to reach me by email if they want updates. I just recently heard Live Writer was no longer supported. I guess I won't be blogging for a longer time yet.

    Take Care and we will follow you on Facebook.

  4. Don's famous tri-tips. My mouth is watering for them. We're so glad you have friends with you. I know tomorrow will be a very long day. Will you be staying at the hospital in Don's room? They had a pull-out bed in Bill's room when he had his. I'll have my phone by my side every minute of the day tomorrow. Love you both and our prayers are with you.

  5. Lonnie and I will have Don in our prayers. I have a Mac and did all my Blogspot in the program as I didn't have live writer. I uploaded all the pictures and then went to work writing about them. Using captions was not easy so I skippedvover that. I will follow you on Facebook or blogspot as I do both.

  6. I stopped blogging when our travels slowed down and just use facebook now. But I had my blog printed into a book that I could look at later. You cant do that with facebook if that is going to be important to you. Good luck to Don on his surgery and hoping for a fast recovery and you will be back on the open road in no time.

  7. FIRST - Sending hugs and best wishes for Don's successful surgery. We'll hold you in our prayers.
    Second. Blogging with out Live Writer.....*!#%##?(*#!!!!! We're sharing you pain! You expressed the regression so well. J&C

  8. Huge hugs and prayers for Don and you! Wishing a speedy recovery and know he will be "better than new" soon!! {{HUGS}}


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