Saturday, March 7, 2015

Arrival at Escapade

We arrived at the Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson on Thursday as part of the Escapade staff – we’re the chairpersons for the volunteer/info/lost & found desk. The RV site we were assigned didn’t work out for our 40-ft. motorhome with 4 slides, so Molly Pinner asked Keith & Donna Green to swap with us because their rental Class C would fit just fine. Thanks, folks!


We ended up with probably the nicest site we’ve ever had at a rally. Here’s the view from our motorhome door.


Don made sure the map and decals were displayed on the magnetic plexiglass signs, as well as the anchor. The coach beside us is Gary & Mary Olson’s Allegro Bus, which they are selling. We traveled together to Alaska 4 years ago. On the other side of them are Dennis & Carol Hill, our long-time buddies who stood up for us when we got married.


Don & I started our booth setup in the hall.


The exhibit hall looks so empty before the vendors move in.


All the club booths and the commercial vendors are in this large hall.


Wallace Lewis and Bob Pinner worked on solving some important challenge.


I’m sure we’ll have a meal or two out of this food vendor’s trailer.


Molly’s job description includes anything and everything, it seems!


Staff got all the rally bags stuffed with brochures, coupons and local info.


Bob took an empty bag with him, just in case…you never know when you’ll need a bag!


Gary & Mary and Phil Devonshire had to laugh about something while waiting in line.


Maybe it was Cathie Carr trying to be invisible!


The next day brought more of the staff into the fairgrounds, including our good friends Jan & Bill Mains. Jan’s getting around great on her knee scooter, after crushing her heel in a fall off a ladder in January. She and Don, along with several others, belong to a unique club that I hope doesn’t grow any larger.


We were all happy to see our club founder, Kay Peterson, looking so great!


And the 4th generation of the Peterson/Carr family, Gabe, is also here, being hoisted by his Grammy Cathie. Mom Melanie can be seen in the lower left, and Grandpa Bud in the lower right.


Meanwhile, during the announcements, Pete & Jo Peterson took great interest in what was going on, while more than one person behind them tried hard to stay awake. It must have been a long day!


Wayne & Beth Roberts were recognized for their past years of service as Escapade Directors.


Mark & Dortha Hall gave announcements.


Finally, with business done, we all re-convened at La Cantina Restaurant for happy hour and dinner. Bill seemed to like this little wine glass.


And last, but certainly not least, I found Dennis Hill giving his new H-D trike some polishing this morning, with a sign on the back recruiting members to form a new Birds of a Feather (BoF) group called Motorcycles on the Road.


For more rally stories and pictures, be sure to read Dennis’ blog and Jan’s blog. Jan got some great pictures of us at happy hour, as well as on the job at our booth this morning.


  1. Great pics and blog! Can't wait to see you and Don!

  2. Were you helping park the RVs on Thursday or Friday? I drove through the area and thought I saw you riding in a golf cart and leading a motorhome back to the parking area. Have fun!

    1. No, that must have been my clone on the parking crew - not me!

  3. Great pics. It gets so busy, I forget to take photos. It's so gooooooood to see you two.

  4. Great blog Sharon!!! Glad you are here!


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