Saturday, September 6, 2014

Prince Edward Island, Canada to Maine, USA!

We departed from Charlottetown/Cornwall, PEI on Wednesday and spent a night in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Our stay on Prince Edward Island was fun and interesting, and we’re glad we saw all of the Anne of Green Gables sites, plus we took in the two musicals performed in Charlottetown. Photography wasn’t allowed at either performance, so we’ll just have to remember them in our minds. How dependent we’ve become on our digital cameras to help us recall our experiences!

Taking the bridge off of PEI saved us a little money because it’s less expensive than the ferry, and you only pay to return. We got the ferry ride for free, and paid $60 ($45 for a 2-axle vehicle, plus $7.50 per additional axle) for the bridge. I figured the ferry would have cost roughly $110. Plus, the bridge took us closer to our planned route. PLUS, we avoided delays caused by one of the ferries going out of commission a few days before our departure, causing many hours of delays! Got lucky all around.

It was Don’s turn to drive that morning, so guess what – we encountered construction, rain, heavier rain, traffic and more rain…to say nothing of the 8-mile bridge!



When it was my turn to drive, the sun came out, the road got better and it was a joy! We stayed at a campground on the Saint John River, and even though we didn’t have a water view site, we could walk around and enjoy the views between other sites. That evening, we met and had a nice long chat with some fellow Escapees who had lots of questions about establishing a new domicile.


The next day we were on the home stretch and looking forward to being back in the USA. When we approached the border, we weren’t sure whether to take the lane for cars or for trucks. We chose trucks. We were wrong – an agent came out to wave us over behind the cars.


When we got closer we could see the small sign “All RV’s and Campers.”


As soon as we crossed the border, we looked for a fuel station with diesel. It was so wonderful to pay $3.799 per gallon, after paying over $5.00 throughout Canada (converted from liters)! We’re staying at Walton’s Campground just east of Bangor, Maine. We have a large site where our DirecTV satellite dish works. We missed being able to watch our favorite TV shows.


Today we drove to Thomaston to visit the gift shop at the Maine State Prison. Don’s been wanting to get a carved wooden anchor for several years, since we first saw one attached to a motorhome in the Davis-Monthan FamCamp in Tucson.


It’s a large showroom, but it didn’t take Don long to zero in on the anchors.


We were amazed at the variety of items, all made by inmates, and the low prices for quality goods.




Too bad we already bought a new lamp for the dash.There’s a large variety of table lamps.



Don even got some ideas for woodburning projects.


Although I don’t think this coffee table would fit in our motorhome.


There must be a hundred beautiful sailboats!


There’s furniture and bowls.


And even a motorcycle with rider and mermaid!


Just as we were about to leave, I spotted the napkin holders and decided we needed a new one.


With all the driving and shopping, we were hungry. We found this little seafood restaurant nearby, The Slipway.


We got the last table near the windows on the screened-in deck, decorated with a sail, ropes and buoys hanging from the ceiling.


We had a “C” lunch: clam chowder and clam steamers for Don, crab sandwich for me. All was yummy. Then I couldn’t resist a long-sleeved shirt with the restaurant fish logo on the front and the slogan “Live Long, Love Strong, Eat Seafood” on the back.


On the way home, I took a lot of pictures through the windshield, most of which didn’t turn out, but here are a few of the semi-good ones just to give you a flavor of this beautiful New England countryside, beautiful homes and quaint old villages.








As soon as we returned to our motorhome, Don dropped anchor. Soon after we settled back inside, it started to rain. It’s good to know the rig won’t be floating away!


It’s so good to be back home in the USA. However, we thoroughly enjoyed our 11-week tour of the Maritime Provinces and hope to go back someday.


  1. So enjoyed your journey too! Diesel prices are relative now since we LOVE $3.77 at he instead of $5 plus! Lol

  2. It looks much prettier than he described. I'm so glad Don got his lobster and anchor. It was really nice finally getting to talk with you. It seemed like you were in that foreign country longer than 11 weeks. Welcome home.

  3. Nice post, need to add those stops to our to do list. We have had the same issue crossing the border a couple of times.


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