Thursday, August 7, 2014

Random Passage, Rainy Pageant, and Repast Play

It was an “RP” day!

I guess I’ve been living under a rock for some time. I had never heard of Random Passage, neither the novel nor the mini-series. The novel was published in 1992 by Newfoundland author Bernice Morgan. It’s a historical novel about the inhabitants of Cape Random, set in a Newfoundland fishing village in the early 1800s. The mini-series was filmed on a set in New Bonaventure near Trinity, NL, built in 2000, and it aired beginning in 2002. We toured the set on Tuesday. Below are some pictures of the buildings, grounds and ocean views used in the filming.









Now we need to buy/rent the DVDs of the mini-series, so we’re not so clueless!

After lunch we had tickets for a walking pageant around Trinity. We found friends Gisela and Bill Pollock there too! As you can see, we all had our rain gear on as it started to drizzle just as we were gathering for the start of the pageant.


Then it started to rain heavier. The re-enactors did their best to give us the tour, but the rain didn’t quit.


Finally, the director canceled and offered refunds or exchange for a play. We opted for a refund because we already had tickets for the dinner theatre and didn’t want to stay later for a play. That was very generous of her! Hopefully this doesn’t happen often, as I’m sure the production company lost money because of the weather.

We had time to drive back to the RV park for a brief rest in our motorhomes before returning to Trinity for the dinner theatre (the “Repast Play” from the title above – yes, I had to stretch a little for that one).

They didn’t allow pictures during the performance, so I can only show you the room and stage.


The dinner was okay, the musicians and actors were good, and we enjoyed the evening. But the best thing was meeting the people who sat next to us.

(Note: if you saw this on Facebook, skip to the bottom.)

So, the conversation started as people sat down at our table...

She: You're full-time RVers? I knew a single woman who did that after she retired, and she met someone and got married...

Me: Her name wouldn't be ZoAnn Lapinsky, would it?

She: YES!!!!

Me: We stood up with her and John Macon when they got married!

Here’s the picture I posted of us with Ruth Lacey, ZoAnn’s friend and former co-worker.


Wow! I think this is my best ‘small world’ story yet! What a way to end the day.


  1. I can't believe they gave you a refund. It is a small world!

  2. Nice post, We really enjoyed that area.

  3. Sounds like a fun place to visit! Plus, isn't it amazing that you are in New Foundland and did the tour with fellow Boomers Bill & Gesila and then met Zo Ann's friend? Love it! Hugs, J&C

  4. I didn't know you were into homaletics (sp)?.😊 Nice blog. I'm not sure if we will ever get that far north, but if we do, your blog will be our guide.


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