Tuesday, July 8, 2014

More Great Adventures in NS

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day so we took a drive to Chester, on Mahone Bay, one bay over from St. Margaret’s Bay. Jerry, Susie and Denny came over to greet us in the sunshine.


We had a delightful drive, then lunch at The Rope Loft.


We enjoyed the interesting décor outside the building as we were seated on the deck.


And seeing boats in the harbor.



The Tancook Island Ferry arrived and unloaded as we were leaving.


Susie, Denny and Jerry took a long detour back home to see another part of the scenic drive. They discovered a castle. Go to Susie’s blog for details and a picture.

Don and I returned home to clean the tree sap off the motorhome; got half of it done then finished the rest this morning. Susie got a picture of us in action. Now the motorhome will look nice until the next rain, tree sap or bug suicide on the highway! But it will also be easier to keep clean after using the aero wash/wax that gives it a polymer coating.

MH cleaning

This evening we enjoyed another lobster dinner with Jerry and his son Dan, whose lovely wife and daughters came over as well. Dan was quite adept at preparing the lobsters.



We all enjoyed our crustaceans, along with cole slaw, macaroni salad, chips and potato salad.


Mostly, we loved meeting Dan’s family and sharing the time together.


What a nice family: Dan, Leslie, daughters Jordan (left) and Hannah, and Dad/Grandpa Jerry Avis. Thanks for all the wonderful experiences in Nova Scotia. We hope to cross paths again someday.


We’ve really enjoyed our stay here at Wayside Park, where they don’t honor Passport America during the high season, basically July-August. But they gave us a 20% discount, received our mail shipment, and are really nice people. We highly recommend it to any RVers coming this way.


P.S. Danny stopped by the other day on his nice Honda. Like Father, Like Son, only with a different style!



  1. I suppose Don was watching closely so he can do lobster like that. Sounds like the weather has been cooperating for you for the most part.

  2. Another great photo tour - we're just going to have to get out to Nova Scotia someday for sure!


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