Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quebec Province Countryside

We left the big cities of Montreal and Quebec behind this morning as we drove northeast toward the Gaspe Peninsula. There are several wonderful, mostly small, towns and villages along the banks of the St. Lawrence River. I didn’t get many pictures while I was driving and Don was napping.


This looked like a good place to go kayaking in the cove. I’m sure we’ll find similar places to stop closer to where we plan to spend the night along our travels.


The weather was overcast for most of the day, but it was a good day for travel. We stopped for the night at Camping Capitaine Homard in Sainte-Flavie, QC. The view out our windshield toward the river is nice, with a row of smaller RVs between us and the water. We can’t see land on the other side, so it almost seems like the ocean instead of a very wide river. And the water level is affected by tides, even though it’s fresh water for many more miles east of here.


Our sites are pull-thrus because the park isn’t full and the manager told us to just pull in.


We had trouble getting both our satellite dishes tuned in. Don gave up on the DataStorm because the campground has pretty good wifi. (Later it went out with a rainstorm, but it finally came back so I could post this blog.)

The DirecTV MotoSat dish was acting very strangely – even the lights on the Nomad2 controller weren’t operating like they should. We tried several things, temporarily gave up on it, then Don checked all the wiring and must have wiggled something the right way and finally got it to work.

The RV park has a seafood restaurant (or the seafood restaurant has an RV park). Homard is the French word for lobster.


We had dinner here, but none of us ordered lobster as it seemed a little too pricey and we just weren’t hungry enough. What we did have was pretty good, except for my lobster bisque. It was about 4 bites of lobster meat in a thin, very salty tomato-based broth. I ate all the lobster but told the waitress that it wasn’t very good. She offered another dish, but by then I’d been helping Don eat his fried clams, which were plentiful. So she very kindly took the price of the bisque off our bill. Thanks! (She earned a generous tip.)


Before dinner Susie and I walked down by the water. With the tide out, we walked mainly on rocks (slate? lava?), and the pools of water were cool and refreshing on our feet (protected by Crocs).




There’s something similar to seaweed growing among the rocks, too.


And some gentle waves.


Susie found a small crab, picked him up so he could smile for a picture, then gently put him back down.



It was an easy travel day, about 180 miles. Tomorrow we’ll be on down the road toward more adventures. And we should have sunny weather after some rain tonight.

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  1. You're just saving those taste buds for the real lobster.


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