Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Camp Perry, Port Clinton, OH

I can’t really say we “enjoyed” our stay here. If the weather had been nicer, and if we hadn’t been fighting colds most of the time, it might have been different. But it was a place to hang out for the Memorial Day weekend, when it would have been difficult or impossible to get into anywhere else down the road.

When we arrived on Tuesday, there was only one other RV in the park, another Phaeton motor home. It must be just a storage spot, as the slides were all in and nobody ever came to occupy it. This is what the weather was like on Wednesday.



By Thursday, the weekenders started arriving. The weather improved and was nice through the weekend. On Friday, the park was still less than half full.




Although most of the weekenders were young families, with lots of children, dogs and bicycles, the noise and campfire nuisance factors remained fairly low. By Monday noon, everyone else was gone and we were once again alone with the unoccupied Phaeton.

Here are some before/after pictures.





Camp Perry is an Ohio National Guard Military Training Site, established in 1906 on the shore of Lake Erie.





There’s a public beach; in fact most of the camp is un-gated, including the firing range. The red flag warns of live fire.




In the distance is a nuclear power plant.


There are lots of abandoned buildings. I guess they have plenty of land and there’s no cost to just allowing them to stand.


The weather turned ugly again after the weekend, and we had more rain and wind. But we didn’t really feel like doing much, so we just hibernated. To sum up, we’ve made it through the normally busy holiday weekend, are recovering from our colds (I had a milder version than Don), went to Wal*Mart twice, went to Kroger twice, and ate at Jolly Roger Seafood House twice! (Don said the clam strips were among the best he’s ever had.)


Tomorrow, we’ll be on our way to a new adventure two states away (PA, NY) as we drive to the east end of Lake Erie.

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  1. Have fun in your next state. Wish we were with you.


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