Monday, April 7, 2014

Escapees Chapter 21 Spring Rally

We had a really good rally close to ‘home’ for most of the members of this chapter, at the Lazydays KOA in Tucson. I’m not usually fond of KOA parks, but this one is nicely laid out with mostly pull-through sites, and the staff were great to work with. They also have good meeting facilities and food service. We didn’t try out the pool and hot tub, but I heard they’re nice.

Before leaving North Ranch, during our last evening Dennis & Carol Hill came over to our patio area to chat until after dark. It sure was good seeing them again. We bought their Honda 2000 watt generator which they had bought from Jan Mains’ sister Sherry. (Keeping it in the ‘family.’) It served the Hills as a power source while on their lot in North Ranch which didn’t have utilities. They decided to sell the lot, so didn’t need the generator anymore. We’ll use it when we’re boondocking and don’t want to fire up our big (and slightly noisy) built-in 10,000 watt generator. We liked the quieter 8000 watt genset that was in our 36’ Phaeton much better.



After leaving North Ranch, we stayed two nights in Casa Grande then went on to Tucson with Jan & Bill following in their 5th wheel. The rally started on April 1, but we didn’t have any April Fool’s jokes. Jean Holloway-Burkhart and Marti Moehlau did a great job of planning and hosting this rally. Here’s Jean leading one of the many fun games.


And Marti shows off the special cake served at the end of our luncheon on Friday.


For more details on the rally, go to Jan’s blog as she wrote great reviews of every day, and included lots of pictures including a few of Don and me. Here’s one of us with Jan & Bill in Sabino Canyon on Thursday.


Sabino Canyon has an interesting history that you can read about by clicking HERE. Because this year has been so dry, the waterfall was almost non-existent. In fact, I’ll bet you can’t find it in this picture.


Our tour guide pointed out this Saguaro as being the “armiest” in the canyon with 27 (I think) arms. Saguaros typically grow for some 80 years before they start to sprout the first arm. Other arms follow soon after, and the number of arms is usually a good indication of the age of the plant.


We all brought our lunch and gathered at stop #1 after riding to the top (stop #9) of the round-trip ride on the tram. There were two large picnic tables, just enough room for our crew of almost 20 people.


We were entertained by a Cardinal who was attracted to the good smells of our sandwiches and other goodies.


I didn’t get a picture of the female who hovered in the background. But it seems like this guy was faithfully re-created by some of the woodcarvers the week before.


In the visitors’ center I spotted this picture of a couple enjoying the canyon in 1904. Can you imagine climbing on those rocks in a long skirt or a vest and tie? We sure dress differently today, 110 years later. I wonder what people will be wearing in another 100 years?


On Friday, our chapter’s delayed election of officers took place. We managed to get a candidate for each vacant office, and Bill Mains, acting as a volunteer club representative (VCR) installed the three new officers. L-R Stu Dutcher, VP and Wagonmaster, Don Del Rosario, President, and Ann Meilicke, Treasurer. Betty Dawson, seated, continues as Secretary.


Don has been acting as President since the resignation of the previous Prez in November, and agreed to be nominated for the office, leaving the office of VP open. Elections are normally held during the winter rally in January, but we had no candidates for the other two offices, and attendance at the rally was very low, so the election was postponed.

Since Don and I will be traveling far from this area beginning in late April until next February, it was even more important to have all the offices filled. I’m sure these capable people will do their part to keep the club activities going. And we already have volunteers for hosting 3 upcoming rallies in the Fall, Winter and next Spring!

On the final day of the rally, we went to Anthony’s Diner and the Gaslight Theatre. It was a really fun time, as you can see from these pictures. (Not allowed to take any during the show.) I highly recommend you find time to attend the theatre the next time you’re in Tucson!









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  1. We really enjoyed the entire week. Thanks for making it so special.


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