Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fun With Friends in North Ranch

It started out as a bean-and-ham-soup party that Dennis Hill invited friends to attend. Pretty soon he realized there were too many friends 1) to feed with the soup and 2) to find a place in the shade on their lot. So Susie & Denny Orr offered (were asked?) to host the get-together at their house. And it became a potluck dinner with an “anything goes” policy.

It turned out great. Not only did everyone have plenty to eat, but we all had a great time telling stories and sharing experiences. Here are a few photos, all of which were taken by my camera but some not by me.

Carol and Sandy smiled at a funny story.


Susie welcomed Ed, longtime friends sharing a hug.


Mark brought some of his special brew, of course.


Lots of goodies to fill the bowls and plates.


Good pizza!


We women shared lots of fun stories!


The men dominated the living room.


Dennis had to see what was so interesting in the women’s group. But Carol wasn’t so happy with him ‘crashing’ the group! (Actually, Dennis is always welcome anywhere.)


It was a delightful evening, and we all look forward to more fun times together for the next week. Thanks to Susie & Denny for letting us use your house for parties, and for being so gracious to invite us back!

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  1. I like whoever brought that great looking pizza to the pot-luck!


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