Saturday, December 7, 2013

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

We’re enjoying a visit from Dennis & Carol Hill, who are staying on our neighbor’s RV lot in Cochise Terrace. Their new Winnebago Journey motorhome is beautiful! I’ll have to post pictures later, as I was so busy looking at it I forgot to use my camera.

Last night we got together with Charles & Chris Yust who just stayed one night in the Benson area on their way to Yuma. They stayed with Henry & Peggy Watkins, who own a place at J Six Ranch, just west of Benson. We all had dinner at Pablo’s Steakhouse last night. The ‘girls’ sat at one end of the table with the ‘boys’ at the other. Conversations seem to work better that way. It was a fun time, and the staff were patient with our lengthy stay because we enjoyed each others’ company for a long time after the food was gone!


Today we did a little shopping and had lunch at Wild Dogs, a fun gourmet hot dog restaurant we enjoy frequently.

Don and I took advantage of the clear, sunny (though chilly) day to finish decorating the outside of our RV lot. Here’s how it looks at night.


Even the Little Green Man got into the spirit!


And inside I put our miniature Christmas tree on the dash.


Then tonight, Don made his special Santa Maria style tri-tip roast with salad, baked potatoes and old fashioned green beans. We’re definitely eating well!

We know that Dennis is a fan of Duck Dynasty, as evidenced by this pic of his T-shirt.


So Don found a small doll for him today. It says several familiar phrases from the TV show if you squeeze its belly. Dennis loves it!


It sure is fun having Dennis & Carol here, and we have another half-day with them before they have to leave tomorrow. Goodnight, Friends!



  1. Your lights sure are festive! Love that T-shirt. Have you seen the Duck Dynasty chia pet? Hilarious...

  2. My mouth is watering for that tri tip! I love your tree.

  3. One day I'm going to have some of the Master Tri Tip's recipe. I need to watch him so maybe I can get close. Great seeing y'all but it was too fast!

  4. You are looking pretty festive there and, as usual, having a lot of fun to boot.


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