Thursday, September 5, 2013

We’ve Been Adopted!

During the opening session of the rally this afternoon, the members of the Great Lakes Chapter did the normal announcements and discussion of what the rally schedule includes, etc.


Then came the ‘Adoptions.’ This is a tradition carried out by many of the regional chapters of the Escapees RV Club for making newbies welcome at rallies. We were the first couple to be called up for adoption! They presented us with this certificate:


Lots of hugs were exchanged as our mentors (‘parents’) Ed and Lorna McGill welcomed us and gave us lapel pins to wear.


Jan and Bill were also adopted, but Bill was a bit under the weather so Jan represented both of them as they were adopted by Roger and Diane Ferguson.


Andrew and Bea Hamor were adopted by Jim and Sue Barrett. I later signed them up as new Escapees RV Club members.


Other adoptions took place, but I didn’t get pictures or names.

Earlier in the day, Don, Jan and I drove north about 6 miles to a fruit/vegetable stand and got some fresh tomatoes, peaches and cantaloupes.



There were lots of other fresh goods, but we’ll be eating most of our meals with the group for the next few days, and plan to go to a farmer’s market on Saturday for more of the local bounty.

Following the afternoon meeting, we enjoyed a Mexican dinner with friends Bernie and Carole Patton. It was nice to spend time with them and get better acquainted, as we’ve crossed paths several times but never sat down together with just the 4 of us.


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