Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bay #3 at Tiffin Service Center

Our first day in a service bay went pretty well, although it started off slow. We got a call the previous afternoon and were told to go to bay #3 at 6:45 am. So we (Don) got up at 5 am (I snoozed a little longer), then scurried about, quickly checking email, eating breakfast while watching a bit of the news especially about the aftermath of the tornado in Oklahoma, showering and getting the coach ready to move.

About 6:40 I drove the motorhome directly to bay #3. The door was open, so I drove in, paying close attention to my approach so I could go in as straight as possible and avoid hitting anything with the mirrors. Usually someone is there to guide me in and tell me where to stop. Nobody was. Don brought the car around and came inside. He asked me who directed me in and was impressed that I did it by myself. (Should I feel complimented at that or not?)

So we pulled out our Kindles and waited. Finally, a few minutes after 7:00 am, Daniel came along and started reviewing our list at the workstation in front of our coach. He came inside, and went over it with us. We were impressed with his knowledge and calm approach to the tasks at hand.

He set about taking care of the small jobs first, easy stuff that could be finished quickly. He said the water heater exchange would take most of a day, and the whole list should be finished in 2 1/2 days. We stayed in the coach all day, and were able to watch most of the work and consult about a few things, especially when a specialist or supervisor needed to be called in to give advice. Shadow 'greeted’ everyone and probably wondered why so many strangers were walking into his home.

By the end of the day, Daniel had finished quite a few things, including a few we added that we had forgotten to put on the list. We said “We’ll see you in the morning.” I asked what time, 6:45? He said, “I don’t come to work until 7:00.” So that explains our wait this morning, and we now know we can sleep an extra 15 minutes tomorrow!

Here are a few pics that show the service center and our rig in the bay, as well as other scenes around the property. Can you tell I had too much time on my hands?




That’s us on the left, our twin on the right.


Fancy trailer!


It might belong to this high-end 45-ft. Zephyr.


The owner of this satellite dish is obviously from the great state of Texas and proud of it!


Dennis & Carol, this one’s for you!


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  1. Glad you had a productive day! Well, Shadow and the Techs did anyway! Lol


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