Friday, January 25, 2013

CARE Auction, Balloon Plans, Alaska

It’s been a busy two days. Don and I drove out to Boomerville to attend the CARE Auction on Wed. afternoon. Lots of usable items were laid out on tables for inspection.


And lots of Boomers brought their chairs and got a bidding number preparing to take advantage of bargains while at the same time counting the money spent as a tax-deductible donation to Escapees’ CARE Center (Continuing Assistance for Retired Escapees), similar to an assisted living facility, where people live in their RVs instead of in an assistance home.


Fortunately, blue skies and sunshine were abundant, with only a few clouds.


Just before the bidding began, Judy Rinehimer announced that Don & I with our friends Frank & Gloria King would be taking responsibility for the Boomers’ participation in the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in October. Judy and husband Luke have been leading this group for several years, and it’s time for them to take a back seat and a well-deserved rest.


The bidding was fast and furious on some items.


A few things just had to be modeled.


And this beautiful hand-carved walking stick was a popular high-end object.


Even the boots hanging from the leather-wrapped hand grip were carved with great detail.


One feature of the gathering that helped encourage bidding was a wine bar at $1/glass or $5/unlimited.


Total proceeds from the auction were donated to CARE: $3,123 + $155 for wine donations = $3,278.00!

On Thursday, we moved to the area south of town to join the group Dennis & Carol Hill invited to discuss a planned trip to Alaska in 2014. Almost all of the people who went with them in 2011, as we did, were there – only Pat Livingston and Jim Smith were elsewhere and couldn’t come. And several who are interested in going the next time were there.


We shared stories from our trip, advice on what to wear and bring with, and what not to do. Oh, yes, there were also lots of food dishes and a few beverages involved. Mark brought his home brew and Carol provided hot chocolate fixin’s and some things to spice it up, like Amaretto and Kahlua.


Molly’s Santa Fe soup was a big hit.


And lots of desserts were shared.


Dennis’ ear patch hasn’t slowed him down much.


And Gary’s still up to his old tricks with ever-tolerant Mary.


Dennis showed the guys some of the routes we took.


Gary & Mary’s granddaughter made an appearance.


And we shared a couple of smoke-free campfires.


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  1. You guys are having way too much fun!! Great looking auction.


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