Saturday, December 29, 2012

More Visitors

This blog will be easy for me to write because Dennis Hill has done it for me! Yes, Dennis and his lovely wife Carol are visiting us for a few days.


As Dennis mentioned, Don made his ‘famous’ fried rice last night, heavy with ginger so Dennis calls it ‘ginger rice.’ We all enjoyed second helpings and chatted for several hours while we caught up since our last get-together in September when they showed up at the Escapade in Sedalia, MO unexpectedly.

Today we’re going to visit the Oasis Bird Sanctuary, as Carol had mentioned after I blogged about our visit that she would like to go see it too. I’m sure Dennis, a much better photographer than I, will have lots of pictures of birds in his blog tomorrow.

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  1. So, Dennis writes blogs and cooks ginger fried rice as well. What a deal.


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