Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Concert

On Saturday evening, we enjoyed attending a concert performed by the Escapees Saguaro Co-op Choir, held in the clubhouse. Our friend Pat Livingston had told us about it, as she was one of the singers, and had been attending choir practice twice a week since she arrived in October.

The clubhouse was decorated nicely, with 3 trees covered with ornaments made and donated by Escapees members.


The trees were particularly beautiful when their lights shone with the room’s lights lowered.


And the backdrop on the stage was decorated, as well.


There was an almost SRO audience, with plenty of goodies to eat (sorry no pics of the food).


The choir members were dressed up, wearing combinations of black/white/red for the occasion.


They all did a wonderful job. Pat’s taller than most of the others, so she stood out from the crowd, looking beautiful as she sang her part.


The choir director chose quite a variety of pieces, some of which the audience was invited to join in and sing with the choir. The program included a wide range of familiar standards and unusual pieces we hadn’t heard before.


Outside, on the hill to the west I noticed the simple star and Saguaro shining in the dark.


What a lovely evening!

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  1. Greetings, and thanks for the pictures of
    Pat, my sister in law.....Yes, she is a
    mighty warbler and great fun!
    Wow, a club choir, how nice.
    Thanks :))


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