Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thayne, WY

We’ve had a great time visiting friends Brenda & Dave Neil at Star Valley Ranch Resort near Thayne, Wyoming.


They welcomed us on our day of arrival with a nice RV site in the park a couple of streets over (they own it, in addition to their own and the one next door).


Later, several of their friends got together with us for a BBQ ribs dinner hosted by Brenda. We ate in the clubhouse because we evidently brought rain with us from Oregon!

The next day we had another dinner, this time tacos and all the fixins. The sun was out again so we gathered on Brenda and Dave’s shady patio.


Margaritas and cold beer tasted good with the tacos.


Brenda made a wonderful dessert with strawberries, pudding, angel food cake and other goodies.


Some of the people got interested in watching an industrious ant carry away some food crumbs.


This crumb was bigger than the ant, both seemingly trapped in a seam of the concrete.


But the little guy managed to drag the crumb over to the edge of the patio where his buddies joined him in moving it through the gravel.


Oh, how easily some of us can be entertained!


Don and I went to two local restaurants during our time in the area. Tootsie’s, in Thayne, was a good sandwich/pizza place. You can get an idea of local interests by a glance at vehicles in the parking lot.



The other restaurant is Agave, in Afton.


The Mexican food was good, even if the service was less so and the women’s restroom needed attention. Afton is a larger town than Thayne, with many historic buildings and the world’s largest elkhorn arch.



Dave joined us in a float down the Salt River in our kayaks, a wonderful trip we three enjoyed. I didn’t get any pictures of this, but it will remain a fond memory of our visit.

Thanks again for your hospitality, Dave & Brenda. We’ll see you in Sedalia, MO in September!



  1. wondering how far you floated down and if you had to do a shuttle of some sort or paddled back upstream. we will be in Wyoming in early August and a paddle sounds great! Looks like you all had a great time, except for the hard working ant.

    1. It was only about a mile on the road, but the river loops back and forth, so it might have been 3-4 miles. It took us about 2.5 hours. A friend went fishing at our take-out point and gave us a ride back to our car. We wouldn't have been able to paddle upstream as the water moved pretty swiftly in places.

  2. Looks like you're all having a great time with your friends in Wyoming!

    That Strawberry, pudding and angel food cake dessert sure looked good!

  3. Enjoyed the update. Looks like a great time! Hope you bring some of that rain to Missouri since we apparently did not do it. We're at our favorite campground where there is a burn ban (not even any gas grills are allowed) and the leaves are falling off some of the trees.

  4. What a lovely travel blog you have! This morning while looking for photos for Mount Airy your blog popped on my raider. "How perfect is this", I thought. Your photos inspired me to include these places - Opie's Candy Store and Griffith's boyhood home in my today's post.

    Now following,
    Hometowns USA

  5. We leave today for Rapid city. See you soon.

  6. I love mexican food,,,,,,in fact I like any kind of food...Your Blog made me hungry,,,,,,and thirsty,,,,I like Margaritas too!!!!
    You are just having too much fun,,,,ENJOY!!


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