Thursday, May 3, 2012

Modesto Visit

When we left Lodi (after 3 weeks in the same place!) we headed south about 40 miles to Modesto and parked at the Elks Lodge. Our favorite site was available. It’s in the back of the lot, with a grassy spot on the driver’s side where Shadow loves to roll. It’s a bit unlevel, however, so we had to put blocks under the front wheels and jacks, and use the extra folding door step.


We were there for Don’s appointment for an eye exam and to visit his in-laws Frank & Dottie Azlin, parents of his late wife Jodi. We enjoyed several meals together and played lots of games, such as Cribbage (Frank & me), Spite & Malice (Dottie & Don) and Mexican Train (all).


Their dog Bella is a happy pooch, and a lot calmer than when we first met her about a year ago.


Shadow was happy to take over Bella’s bed, and didn’t get any opposition. I guess we know who’s the alpha dog!


A side note about Shadow: You can see a bit of the drain inserted in his neck where his salivary gland is swollen and infected. The problem was discovered in early March by his groomer in Benson, where he then saw his regular vet who put him on antibiotics. The problem persisted, so we took him to two different vets in Stockton and Lodi. The first one inserted a drain; it was removed too soon, and the second one was inserted by the second vet. Meanwhile, he’s been on 4 regimens of antibiotics. We’re hoping to get this cleared up soon.

Here’s the entrance to Frank & Dottie’s nice garden apartment.


We often go in their back door through the bedroom, since it’s closer to the parking lot.


These beautiful roses grow just outside their dining room window.


A neighbor’s garden is colorful.


Don Juan Foods sells hand-made tamales. We bought some for dinner and some for the freezer.


They also sell pan dulce…


…lots of canned and packaged goods…


…a wide variety of piƱatas…



…and colorful threads and yarns!


A simple dinner, but yummy!


It was a nice visit, and it was great to see Frank and Dottie doing so well.

Whenever he finds a nice, fresh batch of yellow roses, Don buys them for me. What a nice touch!



  1. I do hope Shadow's infection clears up and he can get the drain out. Poor pooch. I love tamales and if you can get them handmade at a Mexican food store, they are usually so good. I agree, the roses are a nice touch.

  2. It's so nice that you can both visit and spend time with Don's in-laws, I'm sure they enjoy your company very much.

    I'm a Tamale fan now after trying home made ones for the first time this year!

  3. Frank and Dottie haven't changed a bit! Please tell them Larry & Carol send hugs! I love their apartment area--beautiful! CA has beautiful flowers!
    Poor Shadow--hope it clears up quickly now. We have to try to the Modesto Elks on our next trip through CA! Thanks for the tip!
    And then will look for the store to buy homemade tamales. However, check out CA Costco too. We found some delicious fresh tamales in Costco--either Pork or chicken! I love the chicken tamales and also buy the lower sodium Pork for Larry. Yummy.


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