Sunday, May 6, 2012

Enjoying Eureka and Friends

We had a quiet day yesterday, as it turned out. We wanted to take the Humboldt Bay Harbor Cruise, but the season doesn’t start until May 19. So, instead, we drove around Eureka, took some pictures and had lunch.

The Bayview Motel sits well above the street level, so I’m sure visitors have a nice view of the bay and ocean.


Here’s a scary picture – look at the prices of fuel!


Beautiful murals appear all over town. This one is quite appropriate for the Center for the Performing Arts.


The man who provides horse-drawn buggy rides was just getting ready for his day.


The public marina has a nice, modern building.


The ages of the boats vary.


The Café Waterfront Oyster Bar & Grill is in an old, restored building with interesting architecture. Our lunches were yummy. Don had his fave clam strips and I had clam chowder and salad.


Inside, there’s a beautiful stained glass window.


We drove by the Carson Mansion, which is now a private club so it’s not open to the public. There’s a photo gallery online if you’re interested in seeing more. And Wikipedia has an interesting piece on its history.


Later, we got together with Ken and Jan Tilton to go to dinner. On the way there, Jan pointed out this marquee – interesting…just how alluring are nude puppets?


Were they really smiling or making some joke about me taking so many pictures?


The building dates from 1893, and is the last lumber camp style cookhouse in operation in North America.



Dining at the Samoa Cookhouse is a unique experience. Long tables provide plenty of seating, as long as you don’t mind who you get seated next to.


Food is served family style, with soup, salad, two entrees (roasted pork and parmesan chicken on this day), vegetables, homemade bread and dessert, with coffee and tea. Unlimited refills of all the food are free, but sorry no take-home boxes. But nobody goes away hungry.


Afterward, I felt like I should labor like a lumberjack to work off all the calories. Instead, we went for a drive out to the Coast Guard Air Station. I took lots of pictures of this rugged coastline west of Eureka across Humboldt Bay, but I’ll only share this one of the beautiful building of the Lifeboat Station.


Finally, this picture of the sun getting ready to set turned out better than the ones I took later of the Super Moon, so I won’t include them.



  1. Loved that private club. There is a geocache around the corner, too. We had a nice lunch out at the marina near the Coast Guard station when we were in the area the last time. May have to visit there again this summer. Say HI to the Tiltons -- we keep missing each other. ;-)

  2. We really like that area also. Spent quite a bit of time there since Tom's late mother and his sister lived in Fortuna. Have not been there in quite a few years, maybe this year after crabbing in Oregon this fall. Have fun.

  3. Beautiful, interesting place. is this California still?

  4. Oooh, I can feel my summer plans slipping favor of new plans to the CA & OR coast! Thanks for triggering some great memories! Love your photos!

  5. What a lovely place! You got some great photos, too. Think I'll have to put this on the "to go" list!

  6. That Carson Mansion is really something - great picture of it.


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