Monday, April 16, 2012

Two Days of the WARE

Most of the first day of the Western Area Rally for Escapees (Sunday) was spent getting RVs into the Grape Festival grounds, verifying the category for parking (boondock, handicapped, electric), helping them park and registering the people. By the time the late-arrivers came in today, our count was 192 rigs!


Beautiful weather arrived just in time, and the ground is drying out. Only one 5th wheel came close to getting stuck on the soft ground on Saturday, so we don’t expect any more mishaps as the ground is getting firmer with the wonderful, warm sunshine we’re enjoying.


Most of the vendors and some more advance staff arrived on Saturday. Two of them have heavy buses, so they’re parked on asphalt.


Don and I kicked off the rally’s opening session Sunday afternoon. Thanks to Judy Rinehimer for the picture.

Don Sharon

And Zoe Macon got a good shot of us before the session started. Are we smiling so broadly because we’re too tired to do anything else, or just that we know it will all be over soon?

Don Sharon Zoe

Gloria and Brenda are getting around the grounds using a golf cart. What a pretty pink cast, Brenda!


Colorful tablecloths now adorn the tables.


Everyone seems to be enjoying the socializing and activities.


Dog-walking is a popular activity in between those on the official schedule.


Another is just sitting in the sun or shade, chatting with neighbors.


Skipper Bear, Escapees RV Club Member number 3.75, was introduced by Norm and Mary Scherer during today’s announcements. Skipper has been traveling with various Escapees members for more than 15 years, and has been all over the U.S. and to several other countries as well. He has hat pins and badges to prove it, many of which are too heavy to wear, so they stay in his luggage.


Lots of wonderful door prizes were awarded by Brenda Neil and her crew. Her niece and nephew, in the back, wore unique headgear as they ran the prizes to the lucky winners.


Love that hat!


Jerry Yecny was offering prizes for anyone buying 3 or more Penny Raffle tickets. The lucky winner will get $500 cash, and the remainder will go to Escapees CARE.


Chapter 24 members sorted out the Subway sandwiches getting ready for delivering them to hungry rally attendees.


Attendees seem to want this rally to continue, and one person has indicated possible interest in leading the effort in the future. We’re hoping to hand things over now that we’ve kicked things off for the first rally of this kind! Our terrific crew has done such a great job, so it should be easy to build on this foundation and make it even better, especially if some of them agree to be involved. Our travel plans will take us elsewhere next year, so we want to leave it in good hands.


  1. Oooh, wish we were there at the rally! Looks like everyone is having so much fun! Hugs

  2. It sure looks like a good time. We wish we were there too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Enjoy the rally - it looks like you already are!


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