Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mini-Horses and Aebleskivers

We drove to the Solvang area today. The weather was beautiful until the wind started blowing again in the early evening. Our first stop was the Quicksilver Ranch where miniature horses are bred.


Evidently some of these horses don’t like people very much.


We saw several newborns, including this one that’s just 2 days old!


Her favorite thing to do is to sleep.


And she’s starting to figure out where food comes from. Yes, that’s the general direction to look in…


Mom was obviously protective whenever other horses showed interest. We wondered whether the guy on the other side of the fence was Dad.


Don and Frank were having a serious discussion – what about?


Probably that it was time for lunch. So we went back to Solvang, a lovely and quaint Danish village.


Don remembered a restaurant where we’ve eaten before and found a parking place nearby. We all found yummy things to order and Don, Frank and Gloria shared an order of Aebleskivers as desert. If you’ve never heard of them, they are sort of like pancakes in the shape of a ball, frequently served with raspberry jam and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Click  Aebleskivers for one recipe, and you can Google the word and find lots more. They’re way too sweet for me, but the others enjoyed them.

We walked off part of our lunch by walking through shops and enjoying the architecture of this unique village.



Don’s half Swedish, so he searched for traces of his ancestry in the shops. I think he recognized a few of these characters.


Gloria took time out for a little texting.


Don spotted a stork’s nest.


There are lots of interesting buildings, mostly filled with shops, real estate offices, restaurants and hotels.


Upon closer look, you’ll see a Subway sandwich shop and a nail salon.


Of course, there were flower gardens everywhere.



And a horse-drawn trolley.


We enjoyed our tourist outing, and I hope you did as well.


  1. Beautiful Pictures. Those "little" horses are so cute. We loved Solvang and hope to go there again one day.

  2. Great pictures. Loved the baby miniature horse - so cute. Solvang reminds me of Leavenworth, Washington.

  3. We have spent a bunch of time in Solvang over the years. Can't handle too much of their pastry, though! Never have been to the miniature horse ranch -- maybe next time we head up (or down) 101. Thanks for the show!

  4. What a quaint looking place. When we were in Wisc last year visiting Karen and Steve, we went to a place that lots of farm animals, including mini horses. 2 had foaled, 1 mom didnt care who petted her baby, the other mom kept baby between her and the barn wall. No one was going to touch her kid !

  5. Wow, love the minature horses! And Solvang is beautiful! Maybe we can visit there on one of our trips, hope, hope. Glad you are having such an interesting trip.


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