Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Removing Slide Room

Several readers said they would like to see photos of the repair process on our motor home. I wanted to create a slide show rather than post a lot of photos. I discovered Windows Live Movie Maker, free to download from Microsoft. So here’s my first attempt at publishing a movie. Hope it works!

The steps shown in the video include:

1. Removing all contents in the slide. This was a good exercise in cleaning out things we forgot we had and now realized we don’t need! We emptied all the cupboards and removed things sitting on top of counters, then Don took out the 4 drawers of the desk. We didn’t think the desk would need to come out, and I was concerned that the top wouldn’t hold together if it had to be removed. The techs later decided the desk must come out to give them access to mechanisms in the floor for extending and retracting the slide room, and Don was able to get the top off in one piece! Hurrah! Removing the boxes of the base was then easily accomplished.

2. All the wood trim pieces and side cupboard were removed from inside the slide.

3. Straps were wrapped around the outside of the slide and attached to a pulley to support it when it was removed from the coach. They backed the coach out of the work area and tilted the slide room on its back. While they did this part of the work, we waited in the customer lounge, and I got a shot of Don and Shadow relaxing.

4. In the process of replacing the floor, a cracked support was discovered in the frame. Repairing it wasn’t a problem, but the bonding agent used with the welding had to dry overnight. So we went to a motel in Russellville, about 25 miles away.

Note: In order to insert the video in my blog using Windows Live Writer, I had to create an account on YouTube, then link that account with my Google account. I went around in circles at first, then I finally somehow figured it out. Uploading the video took a long time – not sure if it was a factor of the size of the video, the speed of my Internet connection, something else or a combination of factors.

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  1. I, too, find uploading to YouTube is very slow. I make movies in Picasa or upload a video from my camera through Picasa and it takes forever.


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