Sunday, September 4, 2011

This Blog is on Hiatus

After blogging so frequently during our trip through 3 Canadian Provinces and Alaska, my writing efforts need a break for awhile.

If readers want to stay in touch, send email to me and/or Don. And if you want to be notified when this blog restarts, there are options to Subscribe by email or become a Follower and be notified through your Blogger Dashboard. I’ll also post brief updates occasionally on Facebook.

Thanks to everyone who followed my blog during the past few months.


  1. Please come back, I miss you already!!!

  2. I miss your blogs too!!! Hurry back on-line!
    Big hugs to you! Larry & Carol

  3. I enjoyed your entire trip! Thanks for sharing, hope you are back blogging sooner rather than later!

  4. I really enjoyed your blog ~ be here when you get back. I am on facebook and would love to be your friend! Thanks
    Donna Turcotte Haynes

  5. I'll look forward to seeing you return.

  6. Really enjoyed your trip, but understand that you need a break...

  7. Hey what a great idea.....I just may do the same thing.. I'm kinda tired of Blogging and would like to stop. Maybe not forever, but take a rest,, I think you have it down pat.... Enjoy your time off, you'll be back! I hope!
    Mike Mcfall


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