Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lethbridge, AB

We’ve been without Internet access for the past few days, and we had a long drive today, so this blog entry will be brief.

We and the Forbes traveled from Houston, BC to Prince George on Monday, then to Mount Robson Provincial Park (just outside Jasper National Park) on Tuesday.

We thought we had become immune to beautiful mountains, since we’ve seen so many. Then we rounded a curve and this giant jumped out at us! Mt. Robson is absolutely gorgeous!


Wednesday morning we drove about 20 miles into Jasper NP, paid the daily fee of $17.40 (Sr. rate) that was good until 4:00 pm the following day, parked in Whistlers Campground at $27.80 with no hookups (and the worst roads we’ve seen in the past 3 months!), and spent the rest of the day playing tourist. We could have spent a lot more time in Jasper, but we have a date to keep and just couldn’t stay. Plus, we found it crowded and very touristy.

We had a superb Greek dinner at Something Else in Jasper. We were early enough to avoid the crowds.


Today, Thursday, Don and I drove almost 400 miles (through Jasper NP, the Icefields Parkway and Banff NP) to Lethbridge, Alberta. We’re staying in the same park where we stayed in May. It’s a beautiful park, but a lot more crowded now. We were lucky to get the last 50 amp full-hookup pull-through site by calling ahead.

We found a Chinese restaurant nearby where the food was okay, but service was extremely slow. And when we finally left, it was raining. The storm we skirted ahead of today on the road caught up with us. As I write this, it’s raining even harder, and Shadow is wisely postponing his evening stroll!

Here are a few of the beautiful sights we saw on the road today in the National Parks.








I think we’ll have to plan more time for this area the next time we come this way.

Tomorrow we’ll be returning to the Lower 48. It’s been a wonderful trip, and we’ve enjoyed the three Canadian Provinces we traveled through, as well as Alaska. But we’re eager to get our jacks fixed, or at least get the process started. And it will be great to re-join Dennis and Carol Hill tomorrow, and the Forbes in a few days.


  1. One of our favorite parts of the world ... nature at its best along the Icefields Parkway.

  2. Absolutely wonderful photos, Sharon and Don! You're showing us an area we have never been to, so it's even better (for us, at least) than seeing Alaska again. The only time we have ever been in Alberta was years ago -- we were in Glacier National Park and crossed into the Canadian side of that lovely Peace Park.

  3. Be sure to let us know if you come through Billings on your way...

    Safe travels


  4. It is so gorgeous through there... We thought the same as you that it is a place we want to return to. Travel safe


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