Sunday, August 21, 2011

Great Falls to Billings

We decided to leave Great Falls today rather than tomorrow, since we learned that more of our friends (Fennells and Hinmans) were in Billings and would be leaving tomorrow. It was a pleasant drive over roads neither Don nor I had ever been on. Parts of the trip were through pretty scenery, with rivers, hills, trees and green countryside. There were lots of fields of hay, herds of cows and grain elevators in between the small towns.

Arriving in Billings from a different direction than we had used before, and with a different destination was a little tricky. We decided to stay one night with 30-amps at the Moose Lodge. The small Acer computer we use for the Silverleaf program and MS Streets & Trips (MSST or “Misty”) couldn’t find the street address or “Moose Lodge Billings.” So I used the navigation app on my Droid to get us there. We swapped drivers just outside of town so I could be the navigator and Don would be the white-knuckle driver through town. I managed to get us here, not without a few glitches, but we didn’t make any of the wrong turns I almost got us into!

The building is large and so is the parking lot, but it doesn’t seem like a very active lodge. At least not on Sunday afternoon.


We got set up near one of the power posts (notice we’re using leveling pads under the wheels because our jacks are still broken).


Then we drove to the Eagles' Lodge for happy hour with Caroline and Art Fennell, and Marlene and Frank Hinman, who are parked there. It was so nice to catch up with these friends after not seeing them for several months. We’re all on our way to the Escapade (Escapees RV Club annual rally) in Gillette, Wyoming.


When we returned to our motorhome at the Moose Lodge, we discovered Chris and Charles Yust parked right next to us! They’re both our friends and our GMAC/Good Sam insurance agents. What a nice surprise!


They had rescued our Magne Shades after 2 of them blew off in a strong windstorm that hit a few minutes before we got back. In fact, we almost stopped for dinner on the way back from the Eagles’ but we decided to come check on the motorhome and Shadow because of the storm.

Chris didn’t want me to take her picture. Oh, well!


The 4 of us went to dinner at Olive Garden and enjoyed great food and conversation.

Tomorrow we’ll move to the KOA where we have a reservation, to visit with more friends, Bill and Helen Moll, our original purpose for stopping in Billings. We’re treating ourselves to two nights in this original KOA Kampground, with sky-high rates, and will make the most of their hot tub and other amenities.


  1. I've been getting a number of emails about special KOA promotions. You might check-out the website for coupons. Glad you are connecting with friends before Escapade. Once on-site, having so many friends can almost be overwhelming (but sure is fun). See you next Friday.

  2. Your fun continues... Great photos!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe


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