Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Birthday, Hyder, AK and Stewart, BC

Today we drove about 165 miles from Kinaskan Lake to Stewart, BC, on the border next to Hyder, AK. Roads were in very good condition, and were a joy to drive.

Hyder holds the distinction of being the easternmost town in Alaska. There are about 100 happy people who live there, plus a few s***heads, according to a local sign. Streets in Stewart, with a population of about 700, are paved, not so in Hyder. The two towns have some interesting parallels, as well as big distinctions. As we explore them during the next few days I’ll learn more.



We arrived during a rainstorm, in fact drove through rain most of the day. But the weather promises to improve tomorrow. I hope to get some great pictures of the area’s spectacular scenery.

Our RV park in Stewart is nice (Bear River RV Park), and we were able to get a level site on grass sharing a utility post with the Forbes, and our Datastorm dish found the satellite through a hole in the trees. If the woman who checked us in had a better clue of where South is, we might have chosen another site, but it worked out fine.


The ground is so wet, our feet squish whenever we walk on grass or gravel (we’re avoiding mud if possible), and there are even mushrooms growing in the site in back of us. I don’t have a clue whether these are edible, but I doubt it or someone would have picked them already.



Today is Don’s birthday, so the four of us went to King Edward Hotel for a wonderful dinner.


Marilyn and I both had King Crab Legs – yummy!


Larry had steak and Don had three appetizers, including escargot, clam chowder and shrimp cocktail.


Happy Birthday to my best friend and hubby! This time it was a lot more fun than last year, when you were in the rehab hospital in Minot, ND with casts on your arm and leg! May we celebrate many more of your birthdays together, in good health!

A final note about my blog. You might notice a new addition on the right. I’ve added maps showing States and Provinces we’ve visited together. Thanks to Rick of Rick & Paulette’s RV Travels for the link. It can be found at epgSoft. If you want to add it to your own blog, just click the link and follow the instructions. Then go to your Blogger Design, click Add a Gadget, then choose Picture from your computer. It’s easy! Thanks, Rick!


  1. Happy birthday, Don. I forgot how close your and Tom's birthdays are together. You guys handle age very well. Thanks, too, Sharon for the map tip.

  2. Happy Birthday Don! Don't know you but you
    guys are a terrific team! We are enjoying
    the posts immensely.
    Oh, my, the food looks yummy!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Don. Be sure to eat at the Bus in Hyder. Be careful if the road to the glacier is wet or muddy - dangerous in our opinion. Hope the fish are jumping into the mouths of the bears while you are there. We saw neither fish or bears back June 3-4 when we stayed at Camp Run-A-Muck.


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