Saturday, July 2, 2011

Haircuts, Walk Around Town and Three Rivers Jetboat Trip

Pat Livingston was a professional hairdresser in a former life, and she still loves cutting hair. So we provided two more heads for her to work on. Both Don and I were pleased with the results.


We then went to lunch with Pat and Jim at the Wildflower Café, where we found really good food and wonderful warm sunshine.


We walked around town and checked out several places including a local brewery, an antique stretch Checker cab, gift shops, the food market, the historic hotel and finally the Historical Museum.








We attended an informative ranger talk about climbing Denali (aka Mt. McKinley.


The jetboat trip was 3.5 hours starting around 3:15 pm. Here are a few pictures (out of over 150 that I took), but I’ll save most of them for my next blog. The boat held 50 people, and we started out with 46.


Our captain was Eli.


Our guide was Arissa.


Both of these young people were extremely skilled, knowledgeable and friendly. They obviously enjoy their jobs!

We saw eagles, seagulls and a beaver (no picture – he was too fast).



We even caught a glimpse of the top of Mt. McKinley (Dennis got better photos). Only 30% of visitors ever see the mountain because it’s almost always covered with clouds.



For more details on the trip and some great pictures, check out Dennis and Carol’s blog. Be sure to look for a picture of Don saying “Whee!” I’ll write more about the trip tomorrow.

We got back around 7 pm and had a light dinner with Pat and Jim at Latitude 62 restaurant across the street from our RV park. When we returned to camp we discovered the rest of the gang was enjoying happy hour.


Cindy and Phil Devonshire had arrived earlier in the day, and they joined our Last Frontier Gang.


We joined the group for awhile and went to bed around 10 pm, then learned the party went on until about 11 pm. That’s way past bedtime for most of us ‘old’ folks!

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  1. Fancy hair salon....that Pat a great hair stylist!
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