Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We drove about 160 miles today from Talkeetna to Denali RV Park & Motel, near the entrance to Denali National Park. It is said that only 30% of Denali visitors ever get to see even a portion of Mount McKinley. The height and shape of the mountain cause clouds to gather, so it’s less often that the summit or any other part of it is visible. We’re part of that lucky percentage!

Mount McKinley, aka Denali “The High One” or “The Great One,” is the tallest mountain on the North American continent, one of the 7 tallest peaks in the world. Click the link to read about the controversy over the name of the mountain. The peak is 20,300 feet above sea level. There are two summits, with the south summit the highest. The north summit is at 19,470 feet.

Our first view was when we stopped at Cubby’s Market. Don went inside to pick up a few things while Shadow and I went for a walk. Unfortunately, I didn’t take my camera. But here are a few views I caught on the road.


The clouds were starting to engulf the top of the mountain. I played around with the settings on my camera and got a few shots that were sharper but the clouds continued to move in.


Then it was gone behind the clouds. But we were thrilled to have seen the mountain!

We stopped at a rest area where we caught up with the other two Tiffins in our group.


Did you notice that we have shadows? That means the sun’s shining! And it was a beautiful day!


When we reached the RV park and got settled, we had happy hour together.


Then we carpooled to the Cabin Nite Dinner Theater. The wait staff/entertainers greeted us at the door.


Our waiter was Big Tiny.


Food was served family style, so we helped fill each other’s plates.


The menu included salad, rolls, BBQ ribs, baked salmon, corn, beans, potatoes, and berry cobbler for dessert, all you could eat. Everything was delicious!

The entertainers sang, told stories, involved members of the audience in skits, and created the environment of Alaska during the Gold Rush days. Fannie Quigley, one of very few women prospectors and gold miners, and known for her skills in the wild, was depicted by one of the performers. She was quite a gal – click the link to read an account of her life written by her great-great-niece.


Other characters sang and danced, recited poetry, and involved a few members of the audience.


This was one of the many times we’ve used our TourSaver coupon book for a 2-for-1 entry. Tonight’s dinner theatre was $63, 2-for-1. The purchase price of the book ($99) has paid for itself many times over, and there are still many more coupons that we plan to use.

We’re looking forward to more sunny weather tomorrow, and will have more adventures to share!


  1. Your first views of The Mountain were great. It is amazing how quickly the clouds cover it. We missed doing the Cabin Night Theatre but agree the TourSaver has some great deals. Our's paid for itself just in Fairbanks and we've saved another $150 since being here in Anchorage. We are heading to the Kenai Pennisula tomorrow for a couple of weeks and there are lots tours we plan to do with coupons. See you down the road...

  2. Glad you saw the mountain!! We are going to take a plane ride to make sure we see it -- I don't want to come all this way and only see clouds!


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