Friday, June 17, 2011

Homer Day 2

Don went on a fishing trip very early this morning with Dennis, Jim and Larry. They were successful, catching their limit of halibut with 1-day licenses. When he got home, we cut the fish, about 10 lbs, into serving-size pieces, bagged it and froze it. We’ll have lots of great meals from it in the future!

Meanwhile we girls plus Jean Fradette walked to the office of the Seldovia Ferry to book our trip for tomorrow.


Jean very kindly lifted the rope dividing parking spaces for all of us and we repaid him with hugs.


One of the sales agents kindly took our picture. Jean and his harem! His wife Claudette is in the center.


Don and I had a quick bite to eat after he returned, then we had to take care of one of the necessities of life – laundry. When we’re boondocking we can’t use our on-board washer/dryer. On the way back I got a shot of this unusual home. Notice the satellite dish below and to the right of the American flag image.


This place has a mailbox on the road, and its own castle-like turret, along with a lot of other objects we might call ‘junk.’ But it’s obviously someone’s dream home. And you can’t argue that it doesn’t have a gorgeous view.


Mary and Gary arrived today, and we had happy hour with our group of 12 together once again. Mary’s chair was heading downhill backwards. Glad she didn’t tip over and spill that wine!


Carol looks a little cold, wrapped up in a sarape and wearing gloves, knit cap, hoodie. Probably a few layers that we don’t see, too.


Dennis was a little cold, but he wouldn’t admit it.


Was it better to sit in the shade out of the wind? Don and I were in the sun and enjoyed it in spite of the wind.


Eight of us went to Captain Pattie’s on the Spit for dinner. Dennis and Carol had been there before and raved about it. We couldn’t get a single table for 8, but 2 tables for 4 each were available and we took them. Glad we got seating – people were waiting for tables later.

Dennis enjoyed some giant shrimp.


Carol and I had both had the crab-stuffed mushrooms appetizer as an entrée, with clam chowder to start. Yummy!


Double yummy!


Don was extremely happy with a bucket full of plump clam steamers.


When we got back to our home, Don and Shadow took a walk on the rocky beach.


The boat I showed you yesterday was gone this morning, sailed out on high tide about 3 am. Here’s our new neighbor, a little farther out.


But I brought it closer with my terrific new camera!


And still closer.


It was another wonderful day.

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  1. Looks like you are all having a great time. I'm so enjoying your trip, keep up the great details!


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