Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Somewhere Along Alaska Highway 4

Today we had a fairly short distance to drive, about 180 miles from Tok. Some of the roads were rough due to frost heaves, and we found ourselves bouncing around a lot. We also ran into construction that caused about 15 minutes’ delay. It’s a constant battle to keep the roads in safe, drivable condition, with only a short season when construction can take place.


But the price for parking ($0) and the views at the end of the day couldn’t be beat.






Happy hour was held at 4 pm, as usual.


Mary and Gary Olson showed up later, but before the group disbanded for dinner, delayed because their mail hadn’t arrived in Tok when they checked this morning. Fortunately it arrived in the late morning delivery and they were still able to join us. We were happy to pick up our own heavy package at the PO this morning. Thank goodness for flat rate boxes! And for mail service staff who know how to pack it in!


Dennis’ Little Green Man is the sentinel that guards our boondocking spots and points the way to make sure everyone finds the place. He’s going home for the night. Looks like he’s the one wearing the orange cap.


The 5 big rigs are in a semi-circle, with Dennis and Carol pointed the other way (far right). We are next, going left, then the Fradettes, Forbes, and Olsons.


Jim and Pat found a perfect spot for their camper, surrounded by trees and overlooking a matchless view.


The view isn’t too bad out our windshield, either.


There was a large visitor the last time it rained here. Hope he doesn’t come back looking for mischief tonight.


Dinner tonight was a delicious pot roast that Don put in the crock pot this morning. We’d been smelling it cooking all day, and our mouths were watering by the time we finally dished it up. And there will be yummy leftovers to enjoy.

All in all, it was a very pleasant day. And we look forward to several days in Valdez starting tomorrow.


  1. Great views from your spot! And Valdez!! What a wonderful place that is. Our caravan stopped there for several days. The two of us went out on a chartered fishing boat, brought back our limit of halibut, had it processed and quick frozen in individual serving packets, and popped it into our freezer. We ended up with 32 pounds of delicious halibut! We are looking forward to your adventures!

  2. Seems to be great scenic views everywhere you look along your route. Thanks for posting all the great pics!

  3. Man, I gotta get my butt over to Alaska one of these summers.

  4. Wow.... looks like you're having fun and my goodness the views are out of this world.


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