Friday, May 13, 2011

Alaska Highway Mile 0

We are now in Dawson Creek, BC, the beginning of the Alaska Highway. Our trip today was a very short one – 46 miles. We all pulled out of our sites in the Hythe Campground and hitched up the toads in the entry road. We had to avoid a Class C motorhome (visible in the background) that had parked in an awkward place at the exit. Our motorhome is 36 ft. long, Larry and Marilyn’s is 40 ft. We didn’t have too much trouble getting around the Class C. When Dennis and Carol came around with their 43 ft. rig, it was a little tight. But Dennis, being an excellent driver, was managing it fine until the driver of the Class C decided to move forward! I think he was trying to get out of the way, but he was actually making the situation worse. Dennis opened his window and strongly suggested that the guy just stop moving!


It wasn’t long before we saw the welcome sign for British Columbia.DSCN5742

We went through the lovely Village of Pouce Coupe.DSCN5748

Here’s a sign everyone recognizes. Too bad it’s not a Supercenter.DSCN5754

We tried to get our rigs washed at one place that was closed.DSCN5758

But the other one was open, a do-it-yourself for $1.15 per minute. Don washed then dried while Larry washed. Dennis washed in the other bay and went on to the RV park to negotiate a discount.


Dennis got us about 15% off, $32 per night FHU 30 amps, tax included. Two more couples of our traveling crew caught up with us, Gary and Mary Olson, and Jim Smith and Pat Livingston.

From left to right, Hills, Forbes, us, Olsons.DSCN5776

Jim and Pat are parked across from us.DSCN5772

In spite of a little chilly wind, we enjoyed happy hour sitting outside next to Dennis and Carol’s motorhome.


Keltie, from the Office of Tourism, stopped by to give us some info bags and hat pins, and to discuss various things we can do while in Dawson Creek.


It didn’t take Keltie long to recognize Dennis’ comedic nature!DSCN5768

Don bought me a dozen yellow roses, my faves. Beautiful!DSCN5778

We insisted that Dennis take one to his bride.DSCN5777

We ended the day by cooking various meats (‘burn your own’) on Dennis’ grill, sharing salads and baked beans, and eating in our own rigs to avoid the breezy air outside. We’ll have two more days here to play tourist before starting our journey on the Alaska Highway.


  1. Yellow roses are my favorite too! Really enjoying following your trip.

  2. That's quite a caravan you've got going there. Looks like you're all having fun anyway!


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