Friday, April 29, 2011

Back to Blogging

Several people have been prodding me to get back to blogging. So here’s a quick photo review, and I promise to do better in the future.

Tom and Barbara Westerfield visited us on our lot in Benson in late March, just after Don was diagnosed with diabetes.DSCN5274_thumb

I finished knitting another lapghan for Soldiers’ Angels.DSCN5281_thumb

I delivered it, plus another one I’d knitted, used and laundered, to the VA hospital in Tucson for use by military personnel in recovery.DSCN5275_thumb

And I finished crocheting the one below for myself, to replace that one.DSCN5439_thumb

Geoff and Nancy Justiss came to visit us early in April on their way east.DSCN5295_thumb

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner out with Jerry and Suzy LeRoy.DSCN5313_thumb

Mariachis entertained during Escapees Chapter 21 rally in Amado, AZ.DSCN5368_thumb

Escapees friends gathered at Denny and Susie Orr’s place in North Ranch.DSCN5392_thumb

Carol Hill and Susie Orr coordinated their outfits for a walk by our RV site.DSCN5386_thumb

We parked nose-to-nose with Tom and Barbara Westerfield’s motorhome at their house in Fresno, where their son and family now live.DSCN5395_thumb

And we enjoyed a great Basque dinner with them.DSCN5410_thumb

We visited Fresno Flats Historical Park in Oakhurst, CA.IMAG0129

We’re now in Lodi, CA, where we explored the quaint downtown area.DSCN5430

This was a very brief summary. Future blog entries will contain more details, so stay tuned and thanks for visiting!


  1. No wonder you haven't been blogging much, you've been too darned busy! Thanks for the update!

  2. Welcome back! Good shot of the four of us!

  3. Nice have set bar pretty high, but I'll try to get back to blogging too. Loved seeing you guys in 2 states in 1 month. :)
    We had to replace the well pump last week. Now on the road to LA then on to Indio. Safe travels.

  4. You've been too busy having fun to blog! Have fun!

  5. Glad to see an update...hate to hear the diabetes diagnosis but know you'll have it under control in no time.

    LOVE the colorful, striped lapghan.

  6. You are just down the road from us. We are home in Cool but heading to Pleasanton Fri-Mon.

    Are you on the "move" to AK now? Where and when are you meeting Dennis? If still in the area, Laurie & Odel are at CalExpo in Sacto. We are having a Boomers dinner at Sizzlers in Auburn (I-80 east of Sacramento) on Wednesday, May 4 @ 5:30. Join us if you can. We take off for AK on May 24.

  7. Judy, you'll see in another blog posting that we're now in NV, planning to meet Dennis and others in Salt Lake City this week. Sorry we couldn't meet up with you and Laurie and Odel. Maybe we'll see you on the road somewhere!

  8. Have a wonderful trip!
    After May 20th you will find me in Seaside, Oregon until the end of September. Then hopefully a trip to Vancouver B.C. before heading south.
    You all be safe!

  9. Tom and I are planning to do an Alaskan trip in the future so will be interested in your blog.
    Safe travels,
    Pat Dunkel


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