Sunday, November 28, 2010

Needle Crafts and Westward Travels

I enjoy knitting and crocheting, and can do either one and (mostly) still participate in conversations, watch TV, listen to speakers at meetings, or watch scenery while riding down the road. So, there are lots of hours in which to create items. The trouble with this amount of production is that there’s a limit to what you can use/store in an RV. Therefore, I enjoy making things for other people. My latest two projects fall into this category.

A colorful crocheted lapghan was the first one, finished in time for Veterans Day and sent to the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center in Houston, TX. This was my most recent contribution to Soldiers' Angels through their Blankets of Gratitude program, which gives a little cheer to veterans recovering from wounds in VA hospitals in the U.S.


The next project was suggested by another member of the Escapees RV Club. It could be called a prayer shawl or a shrug, or whatever you want to call it!. It’s intended for someone at the Escapees CARE Center, an adult day-care facility in Livingston, TX. This unique center, located next to the Escapees, Inc. international headquarters, allows Escapees with injuries or illnesses to recover while living in their RVs. I knitted this item, and crocheted around the edges. I hope it will keep someone’s shoulders and neck warm while they’re recuperating.


Both projects were fun to do, and now it’s time to start on a new one!

Don and I have really enjoyed being with many of our RV friends during the past several weeks, but now we’re ready to travel westward by ourselves for the next 4-5 days. We look forward to being back on our RV lot in Benson, AZ and to seeing our neighbors and friends there.

To see more about our fun times during the past almost two weeks, go to Dennis and Carol’s blog. Start with November 19 entitled “Air, Empty, Toilet, Mexican, Gumbo, Friends.” We’re among the friends in this blog post, and we appear in several others after that date. Dennis and Carol are good friends who stood up for us when we got married. We always enjoy our times with them and look forward to seeing them in Quartzsite in January.


  1. Love that colorful blanket! Crocheting and knitting seems so relaxing.

  2. Beautiful work -- good for you! Suzy would crochet as we're going down the road in the motorhome, except she's doing the driving. That would be worse than texting or cell phoning while driving!


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