Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ready to Roll!

We had hoped to be heading north by now. All the last minute loose ends have been wound up. All but one, that is. Don got the stitches taken out of his toe last Thursday. I saw the dermatologist for my thumb on Tuesday. Shadow was groomed this morning. We told our friends and neighbors goodbye.

Carrie the CR-V has the kayaks on the roof.Carrie with boats

The bicycles are loaded on the motorhome’s ladder.Bikes on rack

The patio has been cleared.Patio clear

We’re just waiting for Kiwi RV to receive the UPS delivery of the control board for our Atwood leveling jacks that malfunctioned last week. They wouldn’t stop extending on the automatic setting, and we almost damaged the freestanding awning. It was determined that the “brain” of the controller had gone bad, and a new one was ordered. I wish we had specified overnight delivery, even though it would have cost us more $$.

To kill time and take our minds off the delay, we took a ride around the neighborhood in the golf cart to take some photos of cacti and other desert plants in bloom. How beautiful the desert is this time of year!

Blooming Agave Cactus flower DSCN1743  Ocotillo in bloom










Pretty desert plants Cactus in bloom 5

Later, about the time I saved this blog as a draft, Kiwi RV arrived with the part for our jacks. Steven installed the part, then called Atwood for instructions on setting the system back up. It was 2:12 pm here, so it was 5:12 pm in the Eastern time zone. Atwood staff were gone for the day! Steven tried following the instructions in the user manual, which were incomplete, and succeeded in getting the jacks retracted, but the ‘extend’ feature no longer works at all. He felt terrible, and promised to be on the phone with Atwood at 5:00 am tomorrow.

So now we’re rocking and rolling in the wind, with the jacks inoperable. In the meantime, neighbors are throwing a Cinco de Mayo party tonight, with everyone bringing finger foods and the Kesslers (hosts) are providing Margaritas. I think that’s just the thing I need about now!


  1. More, I want more, I need more information.

  2. Don't you just *hate* that! You're all ready to go and then some unexpected delay comes along and mucks up your plans.

    We're stuck in California while Bev has shoulder surgery to correct an injury she suffered back in July of last year. There went our Mexico trip. 8^(

    Oh well, better that she gets some relief from the constant shoulder pain, I guess. 8^)

    Here's hoping you get on the road soon!

    -- jc&bev

  3. JC & Bev, Sorry to hear about the surgery. Hope all goes well. Maybe we'll see you in Rapid City??

  4. If anyone can fix things, it'll be Steve of Kiwi! We use him regularly. I was going to post pix of cactus here in our park, and went out the other day to get new photos. Took a bunch, then came home and found I had not returned the card to the camera from last time, so all I got was a bunch of nothing! And Suzy's camera had been on the wrong setting, and all she got were overbright flashes. Damn!

  5. Barbara & TomMay 6, 2010 at 9:57 PM

    Hope the instructions are really clear in the morning and you are on the road before lunch. You could use the extra time caching :0)


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