Monday, May 17, 2010

Bad Luck Ends, So Does Most of Bad Weather

After four days of travel (not our usual pattern), we’re spending two nights in Omaha. As a retired Navy Master Chief, Don gets access to the Family Campgrounds (FamCamps) at military bases. The one here, actually in Bellevue just south of Omaha, is one of the nicer ones. FamCamp site

The lake you see in the background is imaginatively named “Base Lake.” It’s not on the gated portion of Offutt Air Force Base, so it’s technically open to the public. However, to stay at the FamCamp, reserve the Pavilion, rent boats, etc., you must be military active/retired/affiliated.Pavilion Picnic areas Calm lake Lake boats Playground

It stopped raining after we arrived in this area, but the humidity is still at or near 100%, and often we get wet from the mist. It’s a good thing temps aren’t high, or it would be quite uncomfortable, even miserable. But with the cloud cover and highs in the low 60’s, it’s not a good day for kayaking. Personal boats aren’t allowed on the lake, anyway. And there are a whole lot of other restrictions!Restrictions

So, we’re just taking care of a few errands, talking with neighbors, playing computer games and generally taking life easy. Oh, yes, we also washed the motorhome and car. We’ll get the MH windshield chip repaired on our way out of town tomorrow morning, and hope we don’t have to travel through any more rainstorms.

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