Friday, June 23, 2017

Letting the Cat out of the Bag

We now have a sign in front of our RV lot in Cochise Terrace Resort that I thought I’d never see.



Don and I have decided to make a pretty major lifestyle change. After almost 23 years of full-time RVing for him and over 14 for me, we are ready to settle down with a “sticks and bricks” style home. We bought a lot in the Cochise Terrace homeowners area and originally planned to hold onto the lot for a couple of years before putting a house on it.


It’s about the only remaining lot that has any kind of a view, and is on a corner. After thinking it over, we couldn’t come up with a good reason to wait on building the house. We both believe in enjoying every day that we have, because you never know when you won’t have them (or be able to enjoy them).


We designed our floor plan by combining our favorite parts of the standard plans, with a few extra modifications. The manufacturer is Cavco in Phoenix. We have been to the plant and toured a model home, as well as some in the construction process, and we’re impressed with the quality built into the structures. Once finished, it’s hard to tell the house wasn’t built on site, and the lower price tag makes this type of home a great option for a lot of people.

Our home will be made up of two 14’ sections (total width 28’), one section will be 44’ long, and the other 52’6” long, making it 1,341 square feet, more than 3 times the space we have inside the motorhome. We’ll have 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths with both a walk-in shower and garden tub in the master. Don will use the 2nd bedroom as a man cave, and I’ll use a “retreat” room connected to the master bedroom for my quilting and other hobbies.

The two sections will be transported, after our final inspection in early August, to Benson where the site will have been prepared with a dugout to fit the footprint of the house. The two parts will be placed in the ground and joined, with flooring and utilities connections done, as well as outside landscaping and finishing to the outside walls. We should get the keys and approval for occupancy in early September.

Ground-breaking and construction of a block wall has started while we’re traveling in Colorado, escaping the heat of Arizona – and keeping us out of the way for various projects being done. Thanks to Gloria King for the picture below, and the developer has also sent pictures of the wall-building project.


We plan to downsize our RV, and will be selling our 2012 Phaeton 40QBH after another year or so of traveling. We’ll still be RVers, just not full-time. If anyone is interested in either our RV lot or our motorhome, please contact me for more information.